A week later we had lunch with the couple and they are like related to that cute dude and I was talking with one of them and he could not stop pointing out guys and ask me if I would date them and If they were my type but I’m just thinking “THAT DUDE. THAT CUTE DUDE AT THE WEDDING THING. COME ON.” That was a nice day. *sigh* πŸ˜•

So during the summer, I went to a wedding thing. When I went there, the first person I saw that walked out of the room that was going to hold the reception the next day, was this cute guy that was like 10 years older than me but srsly, HE WAS LIKE SO ATTRACTIVE. So I had like a little crush on him and then at the reception the next day, he was like dancing with the others but on the stage and stuff and I was like staring at him for the whole time for like 3 days. And then like you can’t stop feeling the blushing sensation and butterflies but then you have to snap out of it because he’s so much older than you but like 😍😍😍😍😍